Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini-E #183, Driving with 390 Volts in a Rainstorm!

Don’t use your hair dryer while in the shower seems to be a wise suggestion for someone who wishes to live a long life, DUH!

How about riding in a machine with 390 volts running through its arteries in a driving rainstorm, splashing waves of water driving through giant pool size puddles with 35kw of hi voltage batteries 6 inches behind your butt?

It requires a bit of trust of those who engineered the Mini-E, I question my sanity!

Actually, I did not even think about it until a friend asked if I left my electric car home today because of the rain. He mentioned the terrible news story it would be if someone is electrocuted in their hi voltage electric car.

Mini-E #183 is approaching 8000 miles in just over 5 months of everyday driving. This is the first really big wet weather test for me and the car passed with flying colors.

Shocking, it was not.

In pouring rain, 50mph winds, huge puddles on Hwy 101 in Leucadia, and about 40 miles of driving, no problems.

I little jolt of electricity now and then through the steering wheel but I liken it to a cup of coffee, Electricity like caffeine keeps you awake. Just kidding!

I remember stalling in gas cars in the rain or driving through puddles as the distributor got wet, but It looks like they have the electric cars, at least the Mini-E’s pretty well dialed in.

Mini-E #183, Still the best and most fun car I have driven in 32 years.

The future is sunny and electric, today was really wet.


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