Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Kernel of Dried Corn

A kernel of dried corn…

Unexpected power, speed, surprise…

A simple kernel…


Thumb and finger, snap, snap ,snap

Our rhythm, our beat, is 24time, a rotational cycle of what is new, yet the same.

24time, instantaneous in our information, 24time, bombarded by differ-sameness…

snap, snap ,snap

24time, a pastiche representing reality, An exciting mirage of repetitive sameness.

An old needle in a worn out groove.

skip… skip… skip…

What about the next song, the horizon of the next generation?

Not to worry about for those dancing to the beat of 24time.

snap, snap ,snap

Change happens rapidly, to a world revolving slowly.

A long lens in a world beating to 24time is a most useful tool

snap, snap ,snap

Lift the needle.

It was but a few decades ago that this communication to you, (thanks for reading this on your computer,) was not possible. It was but a few decades ago when a calculator was thought to be the tool of a cheat. It was but a few decades ago that skies above Los Angeles were so grossly polluted, the days of blue skies equaled the days of rain in southern California, about six.

It was but a few years ago that a 42 inch plasma TV was $10,000.

Change happens rapidly, to a world revolving slowly.

Like a kernel of corn wanting to explode….Unexpected power, speed, surprise…

The electrification of our transportation fleet of 300 million vehicles is upon us.

A continuum beginning with the Toyota Prius and ending somewhere over the horizon of the next generation with an 18 wheeler cross country on a fuel cell.

The last gas station closing as a special report on CNN.


I am alive. What a great time to live. The future is as bright as the blue skies of sunny southern California except for 6 days of rain!

What we have witnessed as the communications revolution of the past 30 years will be dwarfed in significance when compared to the motive power revolution of the next few decades.

I cannot even begin to guess what that future looks like. The best I can do is only imagine, the same way as a land line user marvels at an IPhone user who pulls up a stock quote, an email, and Yelps for dinner recommendations, then listens to music or watches a video on YouTube…right before they call you on the phone…or texts you.

A ten year old who looks at a jukebox and asked you what that black circle thing is?

Oh my, the new words we are going to need to invent!

All of this great news on EV’s the Volt, the Leaf, the the Audi Etron, the Fisker Karma, The BMW Efficiency Dynamics M1, and all the other plug ins, and last but not least my own experience, 8000 miles of electric driving powered by sunshine in Mini-E#183.

I can only imagine…

In the words of a kindred spirit and fellow visionary, Forrest Gump:

“…and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Peder #183

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  1. I hope we can be part of that trial also Peder, I'd sign up for it. However I hope it ends better than the MINI-E program will and we can actually buy the car in a year or two. Enough testing, let's start selling! One thing I did notice on the ActiveE is it has the same plug as do. That would make it VERY easy for BMW to let us test out the cars before others do, we already have the wall charging stations installed and approved. That would save a lot of time and money verses finding new participants.