Monday, September 28, 2009

Damn! No Juice On Monday Morning.

I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine if I’m stupid or if the car is stupid. Or if the Mini-E is smarter than me or if I am smarter than the Mini-E. Or if I……forget it, I already have a throbbing headache this morning.

To be honest, I’m feeling a bit stupid.

You might have already guessed what happened, and it was one heck of a party!

I got home around 11pm, a few drinks throughout the evening but not too much, mostly just dog tired from a really busy Sunday beginning at 6am and ending at 11pm with a Charger win and bad food in the middle. I got home, closed the garage door, and went to bed.

This morning at 7:30 am I discovered I had forgotten to plug in #183. Now I’m lucky because I have no early meetings today and can afford to wait an hour or so until I get enough juice for my commute (this hour gives me the time to post this) If I had had an early meeting I would have been really screwed.

So flying doctors and electric car gods,
I know you can’t do anything for my headache, but it would be really nice if you could make an ipod app that allows us drivers to check our SOC and if we are plugged in or not anytime anywhere, especially right before we go to bed! I can't imagine that I am the only stupid tired and forgetful driver out there that would love an app like this.

I have an app for my solar P.V. System that allows me to check out my systems performance and I love that app. I check it out a few times a day.

picture of app here

If I had an app for my Mini-E, life would be grand, the car would be smart, I would still be stupid, and I could double check to make sure I plugged in, or what my current SOC is.

An app for the Mini-E and an aspirin for me, time to go to work.

I want two things for Christmas, one is an ipod app for the Mini-E , The other, well, if your smart you will have no problem guessing the other.

Yours forgetfully,


  1. Join the club Peder! I think most us us by now have forgotten at least once. I did, but luckily I checked the garage before I went to sleep. I have made it a habit now of checking before I go upstairs to bed. I think all production EV's will have a cell phone app that will notify you of the SOC. Eventually, if inductive charging is used you won't even have to worry at all about it. As soon as you pull into the garage the car will start charging. Mini rushed the car to market for the program so it really is no surprise it wasn't addressed. It really is amazing how quickly they designed and built these cars, as it all happened in about ten months. Tom #250

  2. Thanks Tom,

    Nice to know I'm not slipping into senility!

    I guess for now its a walk down the staairs when I am not sure. I think I will devise a fail safe reminder in the garage.