Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Confessions of a “Sun Guzzler”

Thursday | July 23, 2009

I’m driving like a mad man! Burning up the electrons like they grow on trees, like there is no end to the supply. (we’re going to need to change some of those old wise tales)

Heavy foot, light heart, huge smile as I turn past 2000 miles in my first four weeks (not counting two weeks of away time from #183) of driving Mini-E #183 on sunshine.

I honestly think I have discovered the holy grail of environmental nirvana, a solar powered home and car. Living and driving on sunshine!

I admit to being more than a tad conflicted. All my life I have been preaching conservation, conservatism of our resources and way of life, to bundle trips, light on the gas pedal to make driving more efficient, save precious fuel and money, take mass transit, and yet here I am joyriding with the accelerator pedal floored like there is no tomorrow. like a 16 year old who exuberantly says to his mom “I’ll go to the store for you” just so he can go out for a drive, roll the drivers window down and howl like a wild man! Any excuses to get into #183 and go is what I am looking for.

The law and I will surely be meeting soon for a little “slow down son” talk.

So what gives,? I am putting twice the mileage on my electric car than I did with my gas car and having twice as much fun! All in serious violation of my enviro-conscious.

I am conflicted. Because I am not conserving, and yet I am, I am not, I am! Am not-am so.

It reminds me of a story, when I met my wife years ago. She said she has some “bad news and some good news.” The bad news is she liked really good wine (every dating mans worst nightmare!) The good news she said: “ and I can afford to pay for it” big smile on dating mans face :)

For the first time in my life, I have been able to let loose the beast of a driver who is an enthusiast at heart and an environmentalist in soul and not feel entirely guilty about it. I said entirely because as I mentioned, I still am conflicted.

The bad news is “I really like to drive fast cars and have fun all the time” the good news is I can afford to pay for it because I am driving on sunshine with no emissions .

I am a Sun Guzzler! I don’t know if I should feel guilty or celebrate!
The future is sunshine and no emissions :)



  1. Only a few billion years of sunlight left to enjoy your joyride.

  2. "Hi my name is Peder, and I am a sun guzzler!" Peder have fun, smile and guzzle all you want.