Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good to go!

Wall box, installed,
Cable, installed
City Inspection, passed

Great day at Herons' House.
The gents from Sunpower were awesome and quick. The little box is an appliance timer which I will set to take advantage of my SDG&E EVTOU2 super off peak rate that allows me to charge between midnight and 7 am for less than 1/2 the cost during the day.

Really enjoy and want to thank the other Mini-E bloggers that are posting data about their drives and experiances.

Thanks to the city of Carlsbad for expediting the inspection.

Next post is the car in the driveway!



  1. Yee Ha! Looks like things are moving right along in California. I get the feeling that all of us on the east coast will get the hook-up on the same day. :)

    I hope you get your MINI E soon.


  2. Peder - I have my Mini E (yippee!) and am sn SDG&E customer. Can you tell me what timer device you have on your wall box to take advantage of the supre off peak rates? We also have the EVTOU2 rate plan, but currently just plug in before bed, which is always before midnight! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also - LOVE your blog! And I love my Mini E!! YAHOO!!!! Tracy

  3. Hi Tracy,

    it is a simple appliance timer called intermatic that is designed for the 208-240 volt 40 amp service. It was provided and installed by the sunpower guys.

    I set it at midnight and in the morning when I awake the car is fully charged. Works great.