Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gas Station Ordered!

Wow, my own gas station......and a fun license plate for the Mini E!

A few new words are going to be needed, and a few eliminated, for the electric car driver. Let's start with "gas station" If there ever was a term to be done away with for electric drivers it is gas station.

So, let's say charging station or fueling station or solar fueling station in lieu of gas.

Julie and I have had the wonderful life changing experience of living in a zero energy home that we built a few years ago. http://www.heronshouse.com/ Simple stated, a zero energy home is a home that generates as much energy as it uses. Accomplishing this is a mixture of about 80% design, low energy use appliances, passive solar, fixtures and lighting and a conservation oriented lifestyle coupled with solar P.V. that generates the remaining 20%.

With our selection into the Mini-E program and our positive inspection, we took the next logical step and ordered a "gas station" this will be 3kw addition to our 4.4kw existing system. In total we will be generating about 11,500kwh per year. This addition will supplement our existing 93% energy reduction with the 4.4kw system to 100% and provide an additional 2500kw for the Mini-E

The generation breaks down to approx 9000kw for our annual energy use at Herons' House and 2500kw for our annual use in the Mini-E for approx. 10,000 miles of driving.

Julie and I are in Carlsbad California and we are toying with idea of inviting Mini-E drivers in the LA and Orange county areas down to San Diego County for a "Mini" Vacation with their cars overnighting and recharging in our our guest house or guest rooms. Could be fun!

We thank our good friend Barry Cooper at Stellar Solar for their outstanding service and their assistance in helping us achieve energy independence.


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